Green Tea Extract 90% Polyphenols Antioxidant

Green Tea Extract 90% Polyphenols Antioxidant

Green Tea Extract Polyphenol s 9 0% Description Product Name: Green Tea Extract polyphenols 90% Botanical Source: organic green tea leaves Active Ingredient: Tea Polyphenols Specification: Tea Polyphenols 90%, with catechin 65%, EGCG 40% Test Method: UV/HPLC Feature: brown powder; soluble in...


Green Tea Extract Polyphenols 90% 


Product Name: Green Tea Extract polyphenols 90%

Botanical Source: organic green tea leaves

Active Ingredient: Tea Polyphenols 
Specification: Tea Polyphenols 90%, with catechin 65%, EGCG 40%

Test Method: UV/HPLC 
Feature: brown powder; soluble in water, alcohol; strong stability.



Main Function & Usage: 

1. Green tea polyphenol is a kind of natural antioxidant substance extracted from tea, which has strong antioxidant ability, no toxic side effect, no peculiar smell, etc. In 1989, green tea extract was included as GB2760-89 food additives standards by China Food Additives Association.

2. Green tea extract polyphenols can strongly remove harmful free radicals, stop lipid peroxidation process, improve enzymes activity of human body. So it has the function of anti mutation and anticancer, and was used for healthy care product area.

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