Green Tea Standardized Extract 98% Polyphenols 50% Egcg

Green Tea Standardized Extract 98% Polyphenols 50% Egcg

Product name: Green Tea Extract
Latin Name :Gamellia sinensis O.Ktze
Botanical Source:Gamellia sinensis O.Ktze
Part Used:Leaf
Specification: Polyphenol 98%(UV) EGCG50%(HPLC)
Active Ingredient:Tea Polypherals, Vitamin


Green Tea Extract


Product Name

Botanical Source


Green Tea Extract

Green Tea

Polyphenol98%95% 70%50% HPLC


Green Tea



Green Tea

EGCG45% 80%


 Latin Name :Gamellia sinensis O.Ktze 

Botanical Source:Gamellia sinensis O.Ktze 

Part Used:Leaf 

Active Ingredient:Tea Polypherals 

Specification:Tea Polypherals 80%,95%,98%

Test Method:HPLC 

Molecular Formula:C22H18O11 

Molecular Weight:458.4 


Green tea, as the second largest beverage demanded by consumers worldwide, is mostly used in China and India for its medicinal effects

There are several compounds extracted from green tea, especially catechins which contain an enormous amount of hydroxyphenols that are easily 

oxidized, congregated and contracted, which explains the good anti-oxidation effect of the green extra. 

The antioxidation effect of the green tea extra is 25100 times as strong as those of vitamin C and E, so it is widely used in medicines, agriculture, chemical, and food industries.

This extract prevents cardiovascular disease, lowers the risk of cancer, and decreases the blood sugar and blood pressure, as well as viruses. Also in the food industry, the anti-oxidation agent is used for preserving food and cooking oils. 


Main Function & Usage: 

1. anti-oxidation and anti-aging, eliminating free radicals;

2. anti-cancer, inhibiting the increasing of cancer cell;

3. anti-bacteria, with the function of sterilization and deodorization;

4. With good inhibitory effect to HIV.

5. Applied in food field, adds tea polyphenols in foods can maintain original flavor, preventing corruption and discoloration, with the function of 

restraining and killing bacteria, which will improve the food hygiene standards;

6. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is also used to treat cardiovascular disease and cancer

7. Applied in cosmetic field, protecting skin from the harmful sun exposure, which will prevent skin cancer.

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