Theanine (L-Theanine) is a unique free amino acid in tea. Theanine is a glutamic acid gamma ethyl ester, which has a sweet taste. Theanine content varies with the variety and location of tea. The 1%-2% of the weight of Theanine in dry tea. [1] theanine is chemically chemically related to the brain active substances and glutamine. The acid is similar, it is the main component of the sweet and sour in the tea. The theanine content is about the new 1 ~ 2%, the content of the fermentation process with reduced. Main fuctions: 1.Hypotensive effect of Theanine It is generally believed that the regulation of human blood pressure is influenced by the secretion of central and peripheral neurotransmitters catecholamine (catecholamine) and 5- serotonin. In recent years, some studies have shown that theanine can effectively reduce spontaneous hypertension in rats. Kimura et al suggest that this hypotensive effect of theanine may be due to the modulation of 5- serotonin secretion in the brain central neurotransmitter. Theanine showed a reduced effect of hypertension and, to some extent, can be considered as a stabilizing effect. This stabilizing effect will undoubtedly contribute to the recovery of physical and mental fatigue. 2.The effect of theanine on learning and memory Many studies have shown that theanine, which enhances learning and memory, is the result of activation of the central neurotransmitter. 3.mental and physical effects It is well known that alpha, beta, sigma, and theta are 4 kinds of brain waves that are closely related to the state of mind and body in our brains. Chu et al observed the effect of theanine on the brain waves in 15 young women aged 18~22 years and found that after oral administration of theanine 40min, alpha wave increased significantly. But under the same experimental conditions, they did not find the influence of theanine on the sleep dominance theta wave. From these results, they believe that the effects of theanine on body and mind do not make people sleep, but also have the effect of increasing attention. Theanine is a healthy food in the twenty-first Century Most of the current health food market is for adults to prevent or improve the role of varieties. Theanine, a kind of health food which has no hypnosis, can relieve fatigue, lower blood pressure and improve the ability of learning and memory, is rare and noticeable. To this end, theanine was awarded the research division award at the international food raw materials conference held in Germany in 1998.
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