Green Tea Extract Capsule and Pills for Weight Loss

Green Tea Extract Capsule and Pills for Weight Loss

Product name: green tea extract capsule
1.capsule 500mg contains 75-80% tea polyphenols
3.caffeine is less that 5%
4.Polyphenol Catechins 70% Minimum


1. Green tea extract capsule


1). "0" capsule 500mg

2).  Natrual green tea extract must be pelletized with accessories, then can be filled into capsule. Our green tea extract capsule contains with green tea extract and other accessories like contains 75-80% tea polyphenols 98%, others 20-25% are accessories.

3).  The specification of our greent tea extract as below:

•   98% Tea Polyphenols,

•  caffeine is less that 5%

    •    EGCG 50% Minimum

    •    Polyphenol Catechins 70% Minimum

•    Naturally-Occurring Caffeine 1% Maximum

Naturally-Occurring Caffeine in green tea extract is not so high like 5%. Our green tea extract is water- extracting, free of solvents.equests.

We accept OEM order for green tea extract capsule softgel. We provide formula.

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