Super Green Tea Extract Diet Tablets and Pill

Super Green Tea Extract Diet Tablets and Pill

Green tea extract capsule: 1). "0" capsule 500mg 2). Natrual green tea extract must be pelletized with accessories, then can be filled into capsule. Our green tea extract capsule contains with green tea extract and other accessories like starch. it contains 75-80% tea polyphenols 98%,...


Effects:  tea polyphonels and vitamin C can degrade hazardous substance of cigarette, and remove toxins, strongthen the resistence.

For the crowd: smoker, passive smoker

Usage: chewing after smoke


Ingredients composed:

1. Se-enriched tea: remove somke toxins, theophylline can provent from nicotine addiction

2. Se: Se is one of microelement for cancer prevention, but smoke will decrease the se of hunman body. After-smoke tea pill can supplement.

3. Coix Seed: does good to spleen and lung, clean lung and eliminate phlegm.

4. Carrot: clean foul smell, clear the chests.

5. Coriander: Clean foul smell, remove toxin accumulation of body.

6. Mogrosides: clear lung and relieve a cough, comfort mouth cavity,throat amd lung.

7. Flos Sophorae:cure throat aphonia, sore throat, protect throat and prevent throat from smoke hurt.

8. Xylitol: good substitute of sugar, does not increase blood sugar and fat.

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