Super Green Tea Extract Diet Tablets and Pill

Super Green Tea Extract Diet Tablets and Pill

product name: Green Tea Extract Diet Tablets
Main ingredient: green tea extract 98%
Fucntion: help refresh mouth
taste: Fresh tea taste


Effects:  tea polyphonels and vitamin C can degrade hazardous substance of cigarette, and remove toxins, strongthen the resistence.

For the crowd: smoker, passive smoker

Usage: chewing after smoke


Ingredients composed:

1. Se-enriched tea: remove somke toxins, theophylline can provent from nicotine addiction

2. Se: Se is one of microelement for cancer prevention, but smoke will decrease the se of hunman body. After-smoke tea pill can supplement.

3. Coix Seed: does good to spleen and lung, clean lung and eliminate phlegm.

4. Carrot: clean foul smell, clear the chests.

5. Coriander: Clean foul smell, remove toxin accumulation of body.

6. Mogrosides: clear lung and relieve a cough, comfort mouth cavity,throat amd lung.

7. Flos Sophorae:cure throat aphonia, sore throat, protect throat and prevent throat from smoke hurt.

8. Xylitol: good substitute of sugar, does not increase blood sugar and fat.

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