Natural Breakfast Black Tea Leaves

Natural Breakfast Black Tea Leaves

Product Name: Yuqian Jinya black tea
Harvest time:Spring
Shape:tight and thin strip
Dried tea color: Yellow
Aroma: high endoplasm aroma
Taste: super fresh, thick, long-lasting sweetness


Black tea --Yuqian Jinya

Yuqian Jinya is black tea made of tender buds, which is picked on early. The process course of this tea is combining technician hand-made art with part of the mechanical equipment, combining traditional stir-frying with the modern high-quality charcoal baking , its characteristic is of tight and thin strip, embellish of black of color , fresh tea buds, high endoplasm aroma , fresh with pure taste, tea soup bright red , tea leaves soft.

yuqian jinya black tea.jpg

brewing methods:

Degree of fermentation : 90%-100%  

The degree of baked: Intensive drying

ea soup color:  Orange red

Water temperature: about 90℃

The Tea Pot Capacity: 200 ml

Infusion Time :  

First infusion time is 60 Seconds. Second infusion time is 40 Seconds. Third infusion time is 60 seconds, after the fourth infusion , each cup of brew tea time will add more 5-10 seconds ,you can adjust the taste by adding or reducing the tea quantity according to personal preference. green tea.jpg

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