Premium Loose Black Tea

Premium Loose Black Tea

Product Name: Hongyun Dongyu black tea
Harvest time: Summer and Autumn
Dried Tea color:Dark black
Aroma:Flower and fruit aroma
Taste:Elegant flowery flavour


Black tea -- Hongyun Dongyu

This tea is made of tender leaves which come from our organic tea garden located in high mountain. Its shape is tight , totally fermented. It is made by combining traditional stir-frying with the modern high-quality charcoal baking , with a variety of taste changes by using water of different temperatures, with high water temperature, the tea tastes with strong tea flavour, with lowder water temperature, it tastes elegant flowery flavour. It is very amazing that different water temperature gives different tastes.

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brewing methods:

Degree of fermentation : 100%  

The degree of baked: Intensive drying

ea soup color:  Orange red

Water temperature: 85%- 90℃

The Tea Pot Capacity: 200 ml

Infusion Time :  

First infusion time is 60 Seconds. Second infusion time is 40 Seconds. Third infusion time is 60 seconds, after the fourth infusion , each cup of brew tea time will need more 5-10 seconds.

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