Loose Black Tea Darjeeling Black Tea

Loose Black Tea Darjeeling Black Tea

Product Name: Darjeeling black tea
Harvest time: Autumn
Dried tea color: Yellowish-green
Aroma: a kind of high fragrance
Taste: super fresh, thick, long-lasting sweetness


Black tea------Darjeeling black tea

Darjeeling black tea, in India west Bengal in the northern Himalayan foothills of the darjeeling plateau. The annual average temperature of 15 ℃ or so. Plenty of sunshine during the day. The temperature difference between day and night is large, the perennially diffuse cloud, is the formation darjeeling black tea unique aroma one big factor.

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Darjeeling black tea is tight and thin in shape, with white dots showing. The fermentation degree reaches about 80%, the green color of the early picked tea leaves and brown color of the second picked tea leaves. The aroma is a kind of high fragrance. It is called Muscat grape fragrance tea. The liquor color is clear and bright and orange, yellow and red. It looks very popular and is praised as "the champagne in tea" by the world.

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Brewing method

1:The tea leaves and teacups are warmed by boiling water. The cold teapot cannot make the original flavor of black tea. Don't use an iron kettle for boiling water.

2.Pour in the right amount of tea, usually 3-4 grams.

3.The water used for brewing black tea should be boiling water, the hotter the better. The water, which is cooled and reheated, does not makes the tea taste well.

4.If the broken tea leaves are brewed, add hot water, remove the tea screen and tea leaves. And cover with the lid, because the broken black tea is easy to be brewed, brewing for too long will be bitter. The longer the tea leaves, the longer the soaking time can be lengthened.

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