Flower Tea

Flower tea is known as jasmine scented green tea. Tea is good at absorbing odor, and will have the scent of flowers, tastes very nice. We have rose black tea, rose green tea, jasmine green tea, osmanthus black tea, orchid green tea, with so many nice flower fragrance and different sweet taste. Our tea material and flower material are picked from our organic tea plantation that passed through the USDA and EU organic certification.
  • Lemon Verbena Tea Leaf

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    Lemon Verbena Tea Leaf

    Lemon verbena tea with thin waist and thin legs is a popular tea recipe in recent years. It is action basically is helping sedentary person, can promote metabolism, diuresis, achieve the goal that reduces fat further. This recipe can take a bath. Put 70% full hot water in...Read More

  • Lemon Grass Tea Leaf

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    Lemon Grass Tea Leaf

    Lemon grass (lemon grass), also known as lemon citronella, is a tropical aromatic grass, native to Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Africa and other tropical areas have this herb plant. Lemongrass tea, also known as lemongrass tea, is widely consumed around the world to...Read More

  • Dried Yellow Chrysanthemum Tea

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    Dried Yellow Chrysanthemum Tea

    Chrysanthemum tea is a flower-based tisane made from chrysanthemum flowers of the species Chrysanthemum moratorium or Chrysanthemum indium, which are most popular in East Asia. To prepare the tea, chrysanthemum flowers (usually dried) are steeped in hot water...Read More

  • Black Tea with Flowering Osmanthus

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    Black Tea with Flowering Osmanthus

    Yuqian Jinya Osmanthus This is one kind of black tea with flower. Its characteristic is that the production early season is early, in about before or after grain rain. The process course is combining technician hand-made art with part of the mechanical equipment, combining...Read More

  • Black Tea with Rose Petals

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    Black Tea with Rose Petals

    Rose black tea -- Yuqian Jinya Rose This is one kind of black tea with rose flower. It is characterized that the tea material is of 95% tender buds, secnted with rose flowers 7 times. Taste with tea smell and flower fragrance. Looks very beautiful. The process course is...Read More

  • Green Tea with Rose Petals

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    Green Tea with Rose Petals

    Green tea --Orchid Bowang Lvxue This kind Bowang Lvxue tea is made of tea material picked from April to Grain rain,picking standard is single tender buds, with allowing a few leaves, and the tea bud is not over 2.0 cm. Commonly, 500g of Bowang Lvxue is composed of 53,000 to...Read More

  • Jasmine Flower with Green Tea

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    Jasmine Flower with Green Tea

    Jasmine tea Dongyu Jasmine tea is organic. Tea material is picked from our organic tea plantation located in high mountain, the tea is rich in acid and other nutrition, without chemical fertilizer and pestcides. This tea taste with fresh tea fragrance and elegant flower...Read More

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