Flower Tea

Flower tea refers to the tea made from the flowers or leaves of a plant or its fruit is a unique type of reprocessed tea in China. Its feature is adopting tea to absorb odors, and scented flowers and new teas together. The tea absorbs the scent and then removes the dried flowers. The scented tea is rich in flavor and the tea is dark.
Flower tea is a combination of tea and floral, tea, floral, and tea, which complement each other. It not only maintains a rich and refreshing taste of tea, but also has a fresh and fragrant floral fragrance. The brewing products are sucking, the flowers are fragrant, and the mouth is full of sweetness. It not only has the effect of tea, but also has a good pharmacological effect, which is good for human health, regulating gastrointestinal circulation, and detoxifies. It has the functions of beauty skin care, body slimming, detoxification and deodorization, and helps the skinny abdomen to be the best.
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