Black Tea with Flowering Osmanthus

Black Tea with Flowering Osmanthus

Product Name: Yuqian Jinya Osmanthus black tea
Harvest time: Autumn
Dried tea color: Yellow red
Aroma: fresh chestnut, and osmanthusaroma
Taste: fresh and sweet


Black tea with flower--Yuqian Jinya Osmanthus

This is one kind of black tea with flower. Its characteristic is that the production early season is early, in about before or after grain rain. 

The process course is combining technician hand-made art with part of the mechanical equipment, combining traditional stir-frying with the modern high-quality charcoal baking , its characteristic is of tight and thin strip, embellish of black of color , fresh tea buds, high endoplasm aroma , fresh with pure taste, tea soup bright red , tea leaves soft.

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 Brewing methods:

Degree of fermentation : 90%-100%  

The degree of baked: Intensive drying

ea soup color:  Orange red

Water temperature: 90℃-95℃

Pour Tea Quantity :30%-40% (4-7g)  

The Tea Pot Capacity: 200 ml

Infusion Time :  

First infusion time is 60 Seconds. Second infusion time is 40 Seconds. Third infusion time is 60 seconds, after the fourth infusion , each cup of brew tea time will add more 5-10 seconds , heavy or plain taste increased according to personal preference. 

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