Dried Yellow Chrysanthemum Tea

Dried Yellow Chrysanthemum Tea

Size and wight of our chrysantemum:
1. 0.5g/pc, diameter 3.2-3.5cm 2. 0.4g/pc, diameter 2.5-2.7cm
3. 0.3g/pc, diameter 2.3-2.5cm
4. 0.1g/pc


Dried Chrysanthemum Flower Tea

Chrysanthemum tea is a flower-based tisane made from chrysanthemum flowers of the species Chrysanthemum moratorium or Chrysanthemum indium, which are most popular in East Asia. 

To prepare the tea, chrysanthemum flowers (usually dried) are steeped in hot water (usually 90 to 95 degrees Celsius after cooling from a boil) in either a teapot, cup, or glass; often rock sugar is also added, and occasionally also wolfberries. The resulting drink is transparent and ranges from pale to bright yellow in color, with a floral aroma.

 In Chinese tradition, once a pot of chrysanthemum tea has been drunk, hot water is typically added again to the flowers in the pot (producing a tea that is slightly less strong); this process is often repeated several times.

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 Size and wight of our chrysantemum:

1. 0.5g/pc, diameter 3.2-3.5cm

2. 0.4g/pc, diameter 2.5-2.7cm

3. 0.3g/pc, diameter 2.3-2.5cm

4. 0.1g/pc


Benefits of chrysanthemum

1. Against-cancer

2. Prevents diabetes

3. Lowers cholesterol

4. Improves blood circulation 

5. Gives healthy skin

6. Full of antioxidants 

7. Antiviral agent

8. Prevents bad breath


Three reasons that you must choose us:

1. Reliable source: each flower is manual picking. Guarantee delicate and complete flowers.

2. Fresh taste: reliable source and delicate process, healthy, taste good and with fragrance.

3. Safe and healthy: facility has reached world advanced standard.


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