Flower Tea Roselle Tea

Flower Tea Roselle Tea

Product Name: Rose eggplant
Harvest time:Summer
Dried tea color: Dark red
Aroma: Natural rose eggplant flavour
Taste: Sweet


Luoshen hua, also known as rose eggplant, with its bubble into the luoshen flower tea rich in human body required amino acids, proteins, organic acid vitamin C, a large number of natural pigments and a variety of minerals, water hibiscus acid, which is believed to have a certain therapeutic effect on heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and so on.

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Researchers in Mexico have found that the flower helps to lower total cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, which could help prevent cardiovascular disease. Researchers also found that drinking luoshen flowers also helped weight loss, with 95 percent of patients losing one to three kilograms. The lotuscan extract has the effect of inhibiting LDL oxidation and inhibiting total cholesterol and cholesterol in low-density lipoprotein. It has the functions of clearing heat, detoxifying, beautifying face and removing freckle. It contains 14 kinds of amino acids, proteins, organic acids, vitamin C, a lot of natural pigments and a variety of minerals.

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Preservation method

1.Sure seal

Be sure to seal the mouth of the bag or jar, keep it dry and ventilated, and avoid oxidation or dampness.

2.Place in a cool, dry place

The ultraviolet and thermal energy in the light will make the tea material produce chemical change, nutrient composition also can be lost, because this stores the pot of luoshen flower tea had better be opaque material, put in shade cool place.

3. If the consumption is slow, put it in the refrigerator

If a large amount of buying and use up, it is best to put the luoshen flower tea in the refrigerator, to extend the taste of the period. But be careful to isolate the stinky smell in your fridge and separate it from anything that smells strongly.

4.Don't be afraid of bugs

Most luoshen scented tea USES less pesticide, and when the temperature gets higher, it will hatch small worms, which are the eggs attached to the herbal tea and will hatch when the time comes. The insects aren't a problem to drink, but the herbal tea that flies out of the insects is a more reassuring proof that no pesticides or fertilisers are being sprayed.

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