Lemon Grass Tea Leaf

Lemon Grass Tea Leaf

Product Name: Lemon grass
Harvest time: Autumn
Dried tea color: Yellowish-green
Aroma:Natural lemon grass aroma


 Lemon grass (lemon grass), also known as lemon citronella, is a tropical aromatic grass, native to Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Africa and other tropical areas have this herb plant. Lemongrass tea, also known as lemongrass tea, is widely consumed around the world to help digestion. It is also an essential spice in Thai cuisine.Leaves a strong lemon flavor, grey cone flower, a whole plant fragrance gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind.  Lemongrass has an unremarkable appearance, and if it grows on the side of the road, you ignore it as a common thatch. 

Lemon grass tea has stomach, diuresis, prevent anemia and moisturize skin, strengthen spleen and stomach, dispel flatulence, pain and help digestion. Has antibacterial ability, can treat cholera, acute gastroenteritis and chronic diarrhea. Contains a lot of vitamin C, moisten the skin to be helpful to the use of feminine beauty.

Brewing Method:

1. Heat the teapot and teacup with hot water, then drain.

2. Take out 3-5g lemongrass and put it into a warm pot. Slowly pour 500ml boiling water into it.

Drink after about 3 minutes. The second one takes about 7 minutes, and the third one takes about 10 minutes.

4. Remove the lemongrass, so as not to make the tea more astringent after being soaked for a long time.

5. If you add boiling water first and then put the lemon grass into the cup, you can keep the color of lemon grass tea, which is also more resistant to bubbles.

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