Lemon Verbena Tea Leaf

Lemon Verbena Tea Leaf

Product Name: Lemon verbena tea
Harvest time:Summer Dried tea color: Green Aroma: Natural lemon verbena flavour Taste: Sweet


Lemon verbena tea with thin waist and thin legs is a popular tea recipe in recent years. It is action basically is helping sedentary person, can promote metabolism, diuresis, achieve the goal that reduces fat further. This recipe can take a bath. Put 70% full hot water in bath crock, add lemon grass and horsewhip after about 20 minutes can enter bubble bath, enter bath of bubble bath, massage knead lumbar abdomen, thigh and crus at the same time, such effect is better.


Best drinking method editor

The best way to eat verbena

, hot water bubble directly, herbal tea will be placed in a container, at more than 90 ℃ hot water bubble directly, this perfume and essence can seep.

2. 15g red flower, 20g verbena and 15g sugar.


(1) wash and soak the red flower; Rinse verbena and cut into 3 cm long sections.

(2) put the safflower and verbena into the saucepan, add 250ml water, simmer for 25 minutes after boiling over the fire, remove the residue, and stir in sugar. Generation of tea.

Safflower verbena tea can stimulate blood circulation, remove blood stasis and relieve pain, clear heat and detoxification, diuresis and stop itching, and is suitable for spring drinking of hepatitis b patients with adverse symptoms such as urination.

3. 20g lemon grass and 20g verbena.

How to do it: 1 teaspoon lemon grass and 1 teaspoon verbena with 500~1000 ml hot water.

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