Green tea Xihu Longjing tea

Green tea Xihu Longjing tea

Product Name: Longjing tea
Harvest time:Spring
Shape:flat and smooth tea leaves (resembling pine needles with a pale green color
Dried tea color: Green
Aroma: delicate and fresh tasting
Taste: nutty, slightly sweet flavor and a lasting buttery finish


Long jing tea 

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Longjing is one of China’ top 10 teas and is considered the best by those devoted to green tea. The flat and smooth tea leaves (resembling pine needles with a pale green color) brew a tea with light green color, a subtle fragrant scent, and a refreshing taste. 

Long Jing, which translates as dragonwell, is one of China’s most celebrated green teas. It is grown in the mountainous regions of Lion’s Peak of Hangzhou, Zheijiang province.

Like other famous teas (notably Darjeeling), the notion of flush(time of picking i.e. spring, summer or autumn) applies to this wonderful tea. First flush Long Jing, which is picked once a year by hand when the leaves and buds are at their smallest and most fragrant stage, is immediately roasted and has a characteristic shape of leaves folded flat along their length. 

This is a premium tea and highly prized as such in China. It is difficult to find in export as it`s mostly consumed by the local market and it isn’t cheap. Long Jing is very delicate and fresh tasting, has a nutty, slightly sweet flavor and a lasting buttery finish. 

It’s a very healthy tea with a high vitamin C content and many of the anti-oxydants that are usually present in green tea. It is good for any moment of the day except maybe evening where it might a little too stimulating and so prevent sleep. 

This tea doesn’t store very well (green teas are best drunk fresh). Green teas can be stored for 1 year in a dry, air- and light-tight container. 

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