Chinese Green Loose Tea Leaf Hanzhong Xianhao

Chinese Green Loose Tea Leaf Hanzhong Xianhao

Harvest time: From March.25- April.04
Picking standard: tender buds
Shape: Tight, flat
Dried tea color: Yellowish-green hue with massive tea hair
Aroma: fresh chestnut, and pleasing floral aroma


Green tea – Hanzhong Xianhao


Hanzhong Xianhao is from Qinling mountain with sea level of above 1000 meters, located in zinc selenium zone of China . The special geographical features give the tea rich amino acids and polyphenols. The dry tea Xianhao look likes bamboo shoots, smells fragrant as orchid. Modern science and technology analysis shows that Hanzhong Xianhao contains more zinc selenium and polyphenols than other kinds.  (It contains 4.1% of amino acids, 27.3% of tea polyphenols, with selenium 0.858 micrograms per gram and 53.5 micrograms of zinc per gram).  It has strong effect of anticancer, reducing blood pressure, preventing high blood fat, and resisting radiation.

It is rare because every 500g Hanzhong Xianhao contains 70,000 tender buds, and its picking time is only about 10 days.


The trace elements in tea, such as zinc, selenium, etc., tested by the state tea research center, shows that it is higher than that of other tea area in china. The tea from our gardens has about 50-80 mg of selenium per kilo, about 3.0 mg of zinc per kilo and about 35-40% of tea polyphones.


Harvest time: From March.25- April.04

Picking standard: tender buds

Shape: Tight, flat 

Dried tea color: Yellowish-green hue with massive tea hair

Aroma: fresh chestnut, and pleasing floral aroma

Taste: super fresh, thick, long-lasting sweetness and high floral aroma

Brewing vessel: Recommended glass cup to view tea buds displaying in the cup.

Brewing guidelines: glass cup; 3-4  grams per time (based on personal taste); the first infusion is 85-90C degree or 185-194F for about 1-1.5minutes; then the second is about 1.5-2 minutes. 

Brewing steps: first warm up the glass cup and pour out the hot water;  second put the teas in the warm cup and rotate it gently and smell the aroma first; after that, pour 1/3 of 85 degree water into the cup, rotate the teas in the water gently for 10 seconds and smell the aroma; Finally pour the needed water to the cup again for the first infusion.

 Infusion times: at least 4 times


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