Flavoured Green Tea Maojian

Flavoured Green Tea Maojian

Harvest time: Mid- April.
Picking standard: One bud with one leaf
Shape: Tight
Dried tea color: Green
Aroma: chestnut fragrance
Taste: super fresh, thick


Green tea – Hanzhong Maojian

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Hanzhong Maojian grows in Qinling mountain of sea level above 1000 meters, located in zinc selenium zone of China . The special geographical features give the tea rich amino acids and polyphenols. The dry tea Chaoqing shaped tight, color is green, taste fresh with chestnut fragrance. The tea liquid is bright green, with quick aftertaste sweet.


Harvest time: Mid- April.

Picking standard: One bud with one leaf

Shape: Tight

Dried tea color: Green

Aroma: chestnut fragrance

Taste: super fresh, thick

Brewing vessel: glass,tureen

Brewing guidelines: glass cup;  4grams with 200ml, the first infusion is 85-90C degree or 185-194F for about 2-3 minutes; then the second is about 3-4 minutes. 

Brewing steps: first warm up the glass cup and pour out the hot water;  second put the teas in the warm cup and rotate it gently and smell the aroma first; after that, pour 1/3 of 85 degree water into the cup, rotate the teas in the water gently for 10 seconds and smell the aroma; Finally pour the needed water to the cup again for the first infusion.


Infusion times: at least 4 times.

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