Pu'er Tea Loss Tee

Pu'er Tea Loss Tee

Product Name: Pu er tea
Harvest time:Summer and Autumn
Dried tea color: Yellowish-brown
Aroma: high and sharp and lasting
Taste: strong and durable


Pu'er Tea is very famous in China within a certain region of Yunnan province. It uses Yunnan Dayezhong sundried green tea as raw materials. It through the fermentation process into loose tea and pressed tea. Pu'er tea  includes Pu'er tea made by artificial fermentation and natural fermentation(storage is also a kind of processing method).

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Pu'er tea is mainly produced in Yunnan, Lincang, Xishuangbanna, Pu'er and other areas. Pu erh tea pays attention to the skill of brewing and the art of drinking. It is rich in drinking methods. It can be used for both drinking and drinking. The tea of Puer tea is orange and strong. Its aroma is high and sharp and lasting. The flavor is unique, the taste is strong and it is durable.


1. Quantity below our min requirement,we will packed loose leaf puer tea by blank vacuum bag as our specification.

2. Quantity over our min requirement,we will packed as your requirement.We support OEM manufacturing,which means you will have your own brand and logo on the package,you can promote your brand to market when you selling your tea products

3. If you have your package requirement,even if the quantity doesn't come up to our min quantity requirment of bags,we will take your requirments into consideration and then give our decision to you.

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