Chinese Yellow Tea Huo Shan Huang Ya

Chinese Yellow Tea Huo Shan Huang Ya

Product Name: Huo Shan Huang Ya Yellow Tea
Harvest time: Spring
Shape:Flat and thin
Dried tea color: Yellowish
Aroma:Floral aroma
Taste:Sweet and thick taste


Imperial Traditional Huo Shan Huang Ya Yellow Tea

Well-selectly one bud with one leaf/two leaves picking standard, our traditional Huo Shan Huang Ya enjoys very sweet and thick taste with good floral aroma. Unlike green tea, yellow tea focuses more on the tea taste; that is why yellow tea has sweeter & thicker taste than green tea, but not its aroma.

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The Annual Average Temperature Of here Where The Tea Bushes Are Planted Is About 14.5℃ While The Annual Precipitation Keeps Within 2000-2200mm.Owing To The Continuous Dizzling And Thick Mist Shrouding The Mountain Nearly All Year Round,The Direct Sunlight Is Decreased Whereas The Scattered Light Increases,Contributing To The Formation Of Nitrogen Substances Of The Tea Leaf.ThereFore,The Tea Liquor Is 

Yellowish And Clear And Taste Fresh And A Little Sweet Aftterwards.

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